Local marketing is ever-evolving.¬†It can be complicated. It can be overwhelming. And it’s pretty darn annoying if you’re constantly inundated with folks trying to sell you stuff. And, of course, they all have an agenda.

For the most part, you know what you like. You have long recognized the complexity and challenges of the choices you face.

There’s no rest for the weary, they say, and this is why we’re starting this newsletter and blog. We believe there’s a need for more education on local marketing choices.

Since 2011, our mission has always been very simple: Provide tangible marketing solutions that will help our clients grow and maintain customers at a fair ROI.

Many of our clients know us for our digital deals platform; other from our direct mail magazine. And even others from our custom publishing division or nonprofit / philanthropic programs. Truthfully, these individual services don’t really tell our whole story.

We aren’t in the magazine business or the digital deal business or the couponing business.

We’re in the “let’s grow your business” business.

We’ve always helped¬†clients navigate local marketing. And we happen to be really good at it.